International Tales : Hungary, 2

Participation from Hungary, by Masa Nagy

Masa Nagy, 24 years old. They live in Szeged, on the south of the country and are English and Art teacher. Follow them on instagram @estimeskete

“The Fox that fell into paint”, a Ukrainian story

My illustration is based on the Ukrainian story “The Fox that fell into paint” by Ivan Franko. My grandma used to read this story to me and my sister all the time when we would visit, so it has a lot of nostalgic, sentimental value to me.

The participation of Masha is through Art. They took inspiration from a folklorist tale and interpret into this piece of art, made by them.

It is about a fox who was very good at stealing, however, one day he went too far and tried to steal from the market in the middle of the day. Hounds noticed and chased him until he had no other option but to hide in a bucket of blue oil paint. After he finally emerged at night he went home to the forest where no one could recognize him. Everyone feared him at first, but he calmed them saying he was sent by God to rule over them all. From that day on they worshipped the fox who lived a very good life.

On the anniversary of him having appeared the animals of the forest organized a big celebration where a chorus of fox pups sang. The fox could not restrain himself and he started howling as well, but because of this the other animals recognized him and felt betrayed. They ended up ripping him apart in anger.

> Personally, it wasn’t really the story itself that enticed me, rather, it was the colorful, expressive, and unique illustrations made by Ambroz Zhukovsky which enamored me.

> He used a mix of techniques and traditional motifs in his illustrations which, at the time, I couldn’t tell from Hungarian folk motifs. The style of the illustrations, as it is a children’s book, is child-like, which is what I aimed to capture in my own rendition too, as well as including some traditional Hungarian motifs, such as the fencing in the background and the flowers in the foreground.

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