International Tales : Hungary

Participation from Hungary, by Kata Hajnalka Ölyüs

Kata, 21 years old, lives in Szeged, in the south of the country and studies English studies – follow her on instagram @olyuskat

About Matthias Corvinus and the Greedy Cook

There are various folk-tales and legends that have been attributed to King Matthias, often highlighting his wisdom and his interaction with common people. They are very popular among Hungarian people because they all carry a meaningful moral.

One of my favorites’ titles is Matthias Corvinus and the Greedy Cook.

Once upon a time, Matthias Corvinus got lost while hunting in the Bakony Forest. He stumbled upon a humble cottage where an elderly woman offered him shelter and a meal made from her only chicken.

After identifying himself as the king and counting the fat drops in his soup, he rewarded the woman with an equivalent amount of gold. When his hunting companions found him the next day, he shared his adventures, including the soup incident. The palace cook, overhearing the story, tried to outdo the woman by making an excessively fatty soup, hoping for a reward. However, the king recognized the greed and refused to reward the cook, emphasizing the importance of honesty over greed.

> This tale has taught me many things as a little child: our good deeds always pay off, we should never ask for too much, and that we should never be jealous of others’ success.

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