International Tales : Turkey

Participation from Turkey, by Irem Cansu Ensari

Cansu, 22 years old, lives in İzmir on the west coast of Anatolia and studies Food Engineering – follow her on Instagram @icansuensari

In the heart of the mighty Bosphorus strait, where the waters of Asia and Europe meet, there stood a tower of legend and mystery, known as the Kız Kulesi, the Maiden’s Tower. A beacon of intrigue and enchantment, its history woven into the tapestry of ancient Istanbul.

Long ago, in a time of grand empires and lavish palaces, there lived a benevolent emperor who ruled over the Byzantine Empire. His reign was marked by prosperity and harmony, but his greatest joy was his beloved daughter, a princess of radiant beauty, who was the apple of his eye.

One fateful night, the emperor’s trusted seer had a troubling vision. He foretold that a venomous snake would soon claim the life of the princess. Terrified for his daughter’s safety, the emperor decided to take drastic measures. He ordered a tower to be built on a small islet in the Bosphorus, where the princess would be isolated and kept safe from the snake’s deadly bite.

The tower rose from the water like a pearl of purity, its marble walls gleaming in the moonlight. The princess, unaware of the prophecy, was taken to her new home, her heart filled with loneliness and despair.

Years passed, and the princess grew into a woman of remarkable grace and charm, her laughter echoing across the waves. She whiled away her days in solitude, tending to a lush garden on the tower’s rooftop, nurturing beautiful roses that seemed to bloom just for her.

One fateful day, as she stood on the tower’s balcony, a young man from the shores of Asia gazed upon the tower. His eyes met the princess’s, and their hearts were instantly bound by an unbreakable thread of love. Their secret meetings continued, with the young man visiting the tower under the cover of night.

But destiny’s hand is relentless, and the dreaded prophecy could not be escaped. One evening, as the lovers were locked in a passionate embrace, a venomous snake slithered into the tower. The princess, in a desperate attempt to protect her beloved, was bitten by the serpent.

Her cry pierced the night, and the young man, in a futile effort to save her, watched helplessly as the princess succumbed to the poison. Grief-stricken, he held her lifeless body in his arms, tears streaming down his face.

It is said that in that moment, the tower itself wept for the tragic love it had witnessed. From then on, it became a symbol of lost love and the enduring bond between Asia and Europe. The tower, known as the Maiden’s Tower, stands as a testament to the eternal connection of these two continents, forever guarding the Bosphorus with its enduring story of love and sacrifice.

And so, the legend of the Kız Kulesi lives on, a testament to the power of love and the inexorable force of destiny, forever etched in the history of Istanbul, the city where East meets West.

On the right, we can observe the towel as the tale describe it, how it was built during the Byzantine Empire. And on the left, we can see the same towel but nowadays ! The tale is still alive !

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