International Tales

Travelling from 2 continents (Asia and Europe) and from 6 countries (Indonesian, Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece and France), these 10 stories will make you discover cultures like you never seen before !

My project was born when I was an Erasmus student in Hungary in Szeged for 2 semesters in 2021-2022. I was able to connect with international students and their incredible cultures, through different events such as dancing sessions, presentations during our courses, shows and small talks.

One of my favorite things I experienced during my year abroad was meeting and developing deep connections with people from all around the world. It was pretty easy regarding the “open-mindedness” of all the international students, but our teachers really helped with interesting courses. ESN (Erasmus Student Network) made sure we had fun with numerous trips, karaoke parties and celebrations all together.

So 9 of my friends took part in my project based on sharing their cultures through tales. Tales can symbolize a country’s folklore, a land, a language or an ethnicity, and this is the reason why it seems important to me to highlight this part of my encounters. In order to better connect with the topic of this 13th edition, which is about dreams and childhood, I asked my friends to write and describe tales, but also stories, popular legends and songs that helped them grow up or that take an important place in their culture.

The instruction was to share their own culture through writing or drawing, in order to share the authenticity of everyone culture ! Now, you can enjoy these beautiful creations from all around the world. A deep thanks to all of my friends who participated ! I am really honored by your participation and having you in my life !

Pictures taken in Pècs, in April 2022 in Hungary, during an exhibition on “Asian puppets”. On the left, two marionettes portray what it’s like to be of Indonesian origin, because in this culture it is omnipresent. This results in a beautiful play of lights with the costumes and the screened shadows. On the right, a map of Europe with the countries’ names written in Hungarian, one can read “Franciország” for France or “Magyarszág” indicating Hungary.

> I would like to sincerely thank all people involved in this project !! Starting with all participants (Rora, Anddrew, Afi, Jansu, Kata, Masa, Vanessa, Giota, Anonymous). But also, all friends that wanted but couldn’t participate like Srikanth, Brenda Chandrakanti, Kaan, Dora, Juliette, Marta… My friend Miliau who helped me with the language to make sure texts are corrects so thanks to them !

> I also would like to thank the festival Transversales !! Once again, the topic of this year’s edition is incredible and create safe places for creations and sharing precious things like the culture. My Hungarian teacher of Hungarian culture also inspired me this project by her amazing courses and the desire to honor and spray everyone’s culture with passion and respect !

List of the tales :

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